Month: April 2012

Another Graduation Day

More best friends are moving on. As a proud bestie, once again I said; congratulation and good luck. Those 4 years were always ours. Advertisements



Another friends just moved to Balikpapan and brought along a bucket of memories. The problem was my inability to choose what ought to be inside the bucket. We were going to cinema with light chit-chat yesterday when we bumped into a rumor about me. A rumor that was caused then spreaded by a girl who failed on her probation in the company I’m currently working for; back a couple of months ago. Well, I wouldn’t tell the juicy detail or write something like confirmation so people in my office who read my blog would see it from my side instead of hers. I didn’t see any point to matter such thing any longer, but I learned a thing anyway. Previously, I was not used to deal with rumour. Especially when it involved people who hardly knew me looking at me judgmentally; just like pain in the ass. But then, some great people told me, “Let it be. People would soon forget about her.” So I let it be, and now I’m just fine. Rumor comes …