Month: May 2012

Top 11 Things I’m Missing

1. Writing & sending postcards 2. Taking pictures with film camera 3. Doodling in the class 4. Zakki, my brother (since I moved to Balikpapan and he moved to Magelang, we only met once for about 6 hours) 5. Bandung and its food 6. Writing for magazine 7. Cibo Matto, a yellow big rabbit doll, best company in bed 8. Burning a compilation CD, writing something on it with marker, giving it 9. A CD stall in Kota Kembang, Bandung, selling (pirated) indie albums (Diki calls it ‘ alley’) 10. Offline meeting with online friends (yes, ‘Kopi Darat’) 11. Strolling around bookstores, bringing one or two pieces of treasure back home It’s not growing up or growing old I’m sometimes scared about. It’s growing apart. Or being forgotten.


“It sometimes feels like a strange movie, you know, it’s all so weird that sometimes I wonder if it is really happening.” –Eminem It’s like strolling around Shibuya and as if a blink later reading ‘Dance Dance Dance’, feeling like coming back. It’s like doing Logging While Fishing while a fishing boat on TV saying “I LOVE FISHING”. It’s like coming to beauty salon and meeting a girl of your age who used to work near your house back on your hometown. It’s like impulsively purchasing return ticket to Australia for next year without having any idea what is going to happen next month. It’s like dismissing a big dream without being very sorry. It’s like having conversations to a familiar stranger you used to always see on his bike without exchanging any word a couple of years ago.