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Arigatou, Japan!

Hello from Rig Yani :)

Yes, I’m back to work after after quite long days-off; yes, including a 7 days trip to Japan (yes, the one I mentioned in this post). I hope you don’t expect me to rewrite my complex itinerary or list how much I really spent for that trip. I’ll write more, but later. Well, I start to think that I wouldn’t be a good travel-writer or travel-journalist or something like that because I skipped many general touristy detail because I enjoyed everything too much for myself.

Japan was a childhood dream for me. I watched anime and read manga until high school (not religiously though). I learned Japanese on high school (forgot it completely a year later though). I applied to be an exchange student to go there (changed my mind though). The dream was just almost forgotten as I grew up; so when I arrived at Tokyo, I was remembering everything.



As I got on the train and saw the cherry blossom on the horizon through the window; I told to myself; you arrived here. As I walked down the avenue bright with city lights; too packed with people walking fast, impatiently; noisy with sounds of game centers; I told to myself; you’re here, at last. Then, everything was amazing. That was the time I knew another dream had come true.

Robot from Laputa

Because every dream-come-true would teach yourself to dream more and believe even more.

PS: I’ll write something for each city I visited; later :)

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  1. Nice, it’s always lovely to hear somebody’s dream come true, in a hope that mine would too, someday, hopefully, thanks.

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