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I had my 23rd birthday last week at August 1 :) Thank you very much for all the greetings & wishes for me. I felt grateful & touched with frequent ‘inspiring’ word on those sincere lines. I hope I would write more lines, take more pictures, travel more miles, and make more positive changes. Then I’ve been feeling grateful ever since because a lot good things have been happening.

1. I have new girl friends, they are new wellsite geologists in my company. I used to be the only female wellsite geologist, but now there are 3 of us, and there will be 4 by the end of the month! (We’re expecting you, Rai!)

2. I moved to a new room. At first, it was like a tornado because I have a lot of stuff to pack and unpack and reorganize. Now it looks pretty nice.

3. I realized that I have a lot Black & White (BW) photos, and it’s easier for me to write some words out of them. So I started a blog called B.yond W.rds where I post my BW photographs and some lines Beyond Words. You can access it through http://BW.byputy.com/.

4. I just discovered an organization called Nusantara Development Initiatives (NDI) whose vision and mission are “To¬†End Energy Poverty and Create Growth” & “Bringing Light to Lives”. The organization is based in Singapore but consists of students and young professionals from Indonesia & Malaysia as well. They have a program called “Project Light” where they distribute low-cost and healthy and safe solar lamp to rural area in Indonesia, for example Kepulauan Riau.

The thing is, I’m so interested in community development, especially since ISFiT last year that opened my eyes wider about the importance of developing the world and being developed ourselves. However, the idea of helping people while educating without making them dependent never comes easy and the first step is always the toughest. But NDI made it, and I’m really inspired with the concept; especially it involves empowering women.

I’ll write a post in Bahasa Indonesia about NDI from my point of view after this. But really guys, you should watch this first, and get inspired, how youths can really make changes and light candles solar lamps instead of cursing the darkness.

Please come to NDI website, Facebook page & follow its Twitter. Seriously, I’m not a commercial buzzer, so when I recommend you a link, it would worth your time :)

5. One more! Naya wrote a beautiful post titled “Date a Girl Who Travels” as birthday gift for me & Dinda. Please read it here, it’s beautiful!

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