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Great Week, Nice Life, as Always


Lately life has been so good :)

This statement isn’t a really big thing but simple-daily-happiness. A visit from a high school bestie, Pepe (and she wrote about us!), watching Perahu Kertas 2, morning jogging twice a week, another cinema time with friends, dinner by the beach with the bitches (HAHA, yes, now there are 4 female well site geologists at work), karaoke (mixture of Indonesian dangdut koplo, some Korean tracks and scream of agony of Aerosmith), and this morning I and two guys from office, Mas Hasan & Mas Alex went for hunting to Muara Manggar, Balikpapan.

It’s been almost one and a half year since I came here. Things change. Old & new friends came (even some of them went by). New shops & restaurants were opened. Everything has been brighter as I’m opening myself wider; for new opportunities, new experiences, and also; new stories.

Hello :D

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