Month: November 2012

This November

This November, everything has been wonderful. Home. The sky. Skyfall. Fall. Songs inside the airplane. The rain. The train. Roma. Pizza & pasta. Pisa. Gelatto. Maria della Spina. Vatican City stamps. Madrid. Santiago Bernabeu. Granada. Alhambra. Home of gypsies who dance Flamenco. Sevilla. Barcelona. Park made by Gaudi. Postcards. Port Vell. Montserrat. Sheep cheese & figues with cherries & almond. Sketching Michael. Andorra la Vella. Paintings of Picasso. Giving best friend hugs. Singapore. Orchard with Christmas light. Cybereal friends. Sigur Rós. The rain. Fall. IKEA. The sky. The sky. The ground. Alhamdulillah. :)

Song of Being by the Moving Window

Lost in a daydream of blue I feel so free And then it’s like I fall from the sky Everything that I see is you And you should know that I’m thinking about what you said When you held my hand Oh, I adore you Now we are older and things disappeared somehow And I was thinking that maybe We’d stand better chance if we met today I find myself talking to sharks On my way to an island, and still I adore you I was young, I was old And we were in, we were out I wanna see, I wanna see it all I wanna die, I wanna die Sweetheart, sweetheart I thought I saw I thought I saw a light I see it now, I see it now –Melpo Mene (I Adore You) I’ll loop this song while looking through the moving window again. Catch you later :)