Month: December 2012

(20)13 Resolutions (greeting cards)

Menjelang tahun baru, iseng-iseng saya mereproduksi resolusi tahun baru menjadi 13 potong gambar. Saya pikir lucu juga kalau dijadikan kartu ucapan yang atau bisa diberikan atau malah dikirimkan ke teman atau keluarga (atau diri sendiri tentunya!) kemudian ditempel di dinding kamar untuk reminder sepanjang tahun. Advertisements



Another last ten days of the year; another look-back time. This year has been really really really really great really really really really wonderful. I worked hard and enjoyed my days on and off. I traveled a lot; from Borneon rainforest to Tokyo downtown; from Montserrat Mountain to under the sea surrounding Derawan Island. I came to the places I’ve been dreaming of and concerts of the bands I’ve been listening for years. I took a lot of photos, wrote many lines, and started to sketch again. I opened my mind to things I’d never imagined and my heart to people I’d never met. Friends came and went by. Some stayed and became a part of me. Universe conspired. I got bruised and healed. I was lost and I was found. After 2009, 2010, and 2011 now here goes 2012 :)

Derawan & My First Dive

Last week I stumbled upon Yufa, one of the most active and sociable girls in my office, before afternoon prayer. She asked me what was my plan for the long weekend. The plan was no plan, I answered. Then she offered me to join her diving in Derawan Islands, “You can go snorkeling.” She continued, “You can try diving though; taking diving certification.” I impulsively said yes. Yes for going to Derawan. Yes for trying diving. It isn’t hard to tell that I have a great crush on sea.  I’ve actually fallen in love with the beauty underneath of it since my very first time snorkeling, more than twelve years ago. However, diving; categorized as ‘extreme underwater sport’ is a whole new thing for an indoor type of person like me. (Photos taken by Mas Aji) So I went to Derawan Islands and had my diving lessons. Theory (with all ‘knowledge reviews’ and even a paper-based test), basic practical stuff, and a discovery dive. How was my first dive? Eyegasmic. Supervised by my instructor, I dove below a …