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Last Month (Euro) Trip | Part 3: Pisa

While spending 3 nights in Rome, I cheated a day (the most sunshiny one) to Pisa. A city in Italy which is not Rome, or Milan, or Venice, which was my second reason after its leaning tower. It turned out to be a super nice cheat day (sorry, Rome).

Pisa can be reached from Rome by train in 2.5 – 3 hours. It’s a small (at least for me as a tourist) pretty city with not only a complex of Piazza del Duomo (yes, the complex with the leaning tower and green grass yard); but also Arno river with its Santa Maria della Spina, and streets full of university students (Italians at their humblest; jeans, sneakers and day-packs).

Well yes, and love, love, love. It was my conclusion about Italy: everything is (generally) in love.








Complete photos are here.

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