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Another last ten days of the year; another look-back time.

This year has been really really really really great really really really really wonderful. I worked hard and enjoyed my days on and off. I traveled a lot; from Borneon rainforest to Tokyo downtown; from Montserrat Mountain to under the sea surrounding Derawan Island. I came to the places I’ve been dreaming of and concerts of the bands I’ve been listening for years. I took a lot of photos, wrote many lines, and started to sketch again. I opened my mind to things I’d never imagined and my heart to people I’d never met.


Friends came and went by. Some stayed and became a part of me. Universe conspired. I got bruised and healed. I was lost and I was found.

After 20092010, and 2011 now here goes 2012 :)

January. Days off; Yogyakarta, Magelang, Jakarta, Bandung Bogor; meeting Zakki, relatives and best friends. Preparation for scholarship application to Norway; TOEFL iBT, recommendation letters, legalized copies of everything. Applying for Japan visa. It was a pretty hectic month but everything went well, and I got my visa to visit Japan. Sugoii!

February. Mostly working, and went for basic fire fighting training (cool & hot at the same time, aight?). A day trip to Bangkirai; the farthest point I have ever pinned since I came to Balikpapan. Oh yes, I was featured on Gogirl! magazine this month :”>

Yes, Such Great Height

March. A short trip to Singapore for Death Cab for Cutie’s concert, oh wait, also Mint Museum of Toys. Another Oh-Yes, I was featured on GADIS magazine ot the month :”>

Astroboy & beyondWhoever has the most toys

(Mint Museum of Toys)

April. Bandung for best friends’ graduation day. A night in Kuala Lumpur, meeting bestfriend, Chita & her husband, Imansur. A week of fulfilling my biggest childhood dream: going to Japan. Visited Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. Strolled around Tokyo. Visited Little Prince Museum in Hakone. Experienced the present nostalgia of Japan in Kyoto. Visited Heiji Hattori’s hometown; Osaka. Visited Amel in one of the most romantic cities I’ve ever been: Kobe.

Cherry Blossom
(Cherry blossom in Japan)

May. Mostly working, and yes, I didn’t get the scholarship I applied in January. Life went on, and I started to plan a Euro trip.

June. Family day of Geoscience & Reservoir Division. Geological field trip to Samarinda. Flew to Bandung for the loveliest cousin’s wedding, Uni Pipit :)

July. Precious week of family holiday to Bali with Ayah, Bunda, and Zakki. Bandung for another best friend’s graduation day. Meeting best friends again. Got a minor bruise at heart.

Fresh Memory

(Zakki & Puti & Bali)

August. Holy Ramadhan. Turning 23 and started my side project, B.yond W.rds :) Spending another birthday, Indonesia independence day and Eid on the rig. Farewell of Pak Baginda Saragih.

September. Trip to Solo for best friend’s wedding, Brenda Ariesty’s. Another trip to Yogyakarta with best friends, and some hours with my brother in Magelang.

October. Mostly working. Started special saving for future property in Bandung. Pepe came for a night in Balikpapan. Pretty heart-breaking month for some best friends. Pretty universe conspiracy for me.

November. Truly wonderful month with Euro trip to nine cities in Italy, Spain, & Andorra. Another dream came true. Beautiful Sigur Rós concert in Singapore. Another dream came true. :)

Step on Pisa

(Stepping on Europe once again)

December. Joined a trip to Derawan Island and had my first dive.



What a year.

I don’t know what’s coming but I surely feel grateful for everything: for what I’ve been through, for where I stand, for whom I love; for who I am now. So let me close this post with the lines I’ve been spelling under the sea and above the sky;

Alhamdulillaahi rabbil-‘aalamiin.
All Praises to God, Lord/Cherisher/Sustainer of the Universe.

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