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Time Tunnel

Funny that I’ve been spending the morning reading Agun’s blog :p Not that I stalked him because I told him. Not that I wanted to know much about his past but I kinda like the humble pictures he posted (like this one, or these ones). Despite the reason (or denial, or whatever), browsing through a stack of archive would always bring the feeling of stepping into a tunnel of time with transparent glass on one of its sides. All memories were scattered in order on two-dimensional space and can be only seen from a direction.

Then I ended up browsing through mine. My own archive. My own time tunnel.

Unlike walking through someone else’s time tunnel, our own’s is multi-dimensional and transparent on every side. It might be blurry on some parts, but some are vivid they’d scare you. I’m 2 years away from the first time I came to the rig and I still feel the same way about working on it. I’m 3 years away from posting this but everything is now completely different. 2.5 years ago I dropped a ‘hello’ to a person I’m saying hello to nowadays. Funny life, aight? Yet we never know where it’d bring us to in 2-3 years.

(How many years we’ve been through since this?)

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