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And even stars are not forever

Stars of the field

A: They say no matter how deep dark, and stormy a night seems to be, the stars are shining still.
B: But what if, instead of stars, they are just pretty yellow little flowers easily wiped by the rain or your absence?
A: I don’t mind. I’ll just try my best to protect them. I think I’ll build a shelter. I’ll even save to buy that kind of self-watering thing people use for a green house.
B: You sound…….. sad.
A: Well, I can’t turn flowers into stars.
B: I see.
A: And even stars are not forever. They will turn into explosion in the end.

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Puty Puar. F/27. Indonesian. Former rocker, blogger, freelance illustrator, book enthusiast, who is running little business while homemaking. Started this blog in 2002.

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