Month: April 2013

Story of a Girl on The Rig

The first time I came to TEPI for On Job Training program in January 2011, I didn’t know that I was going to be assigned in Well Geology Operation of GSR. When I knew that the training would involve one or two trips to the drilling rig, I got mixed feelings; worried, excited, plus a bit scared. Maybe just like some of us who work on the office with formal outfit every weekday, working on a rig is a bit out of imagination. Would it be fine for an inexperienced girl from university like me to go to the rig? So I did my first rig trip to Rig Maera. I was introduced to everyone who, unlike what I had imagined, was nice; joking and laughing a lot as well. I knew the pressure for every personnel on board was really high but after all, everyone was just man-alive being and enjoying ‘dangdut’ (as you might do). Another fact was, being inexperienced, as much as being a girl didn’t turn out to be an issue, at all. …

Setahun Berkisah

Let me copy paste a piece of my porto: :) This is my first time making illustration for a book, and to be honest I wasn’t confident at all. I am not until now, haha. However, I’m so glad that some of my sketches aren’t stuck in my sketch book forever :D ‘Setahun Berkisah’ is a book of short-stories about love in various occasion along the year, Lunar New Year, Valentine, April Fools Day, Christmas, etc. It was written by 8 authors and published in April 2013 by Bukune publishing. The cover isn’t designed by me; it’s designed by Gita Mariana.