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So what have I been to lately?

1. Preparing my transfer to another department. Insya Allah, I’ll move to work in office basis after 1.5 years doing wellsite geology. It’s not that I hate working on the rig, in fact, I really like it. However, we all need to grow and challenge ourselves to struggle far far beyond our comfort zone, do we? Please wish me all luck for this :)

2. Finished reading Murakami’s 1Q84.

3. Finished writing 2 stories for a writing project about ASEAN member countries. Well, I’m super excited about it; joining a writing project that’s going to be published as book. Back when I was younger, my children short stories were published twice, so this isn’t actually my first time. However, it was my first time getting reminder many times each day before deadline by the project leaders to finish my writings :’) (sorry Mbok, Riev, & Roy mihihi) I wrote about 2 countries including my sketches and ego for writing a travelog in unconventional way.

I also sketched a map for it :) If everything goes well, then it’ll be launched in May! Yay for it~ *colong start promosi*


4. Agun came to Balikpapan :”D Even seeing him playing Tap the Frogs made me happy. Haha. *mudah disenangkan*IMG_20130408_090342

5. Coming back home for 2 weeks for good starting this week. Due to a medical issue, I need to be back to Bekasi – Jakarta. This isn’t really a good news but as every cloud has silver linings, then I take it as an opportunity to take some rest and spend some more time with family and friends :) Again, please wish me all wellness for this.

Alhamdulillah. Bismillah.

Hello, April :)

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  1. itacasillas says

    Puty,,ga sabar pengen beli bukumu kalo udah terbit,,
    kasih ttd khusus ya Put buat aku ;D

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