Setahun Berkisah

Let me copy paste a piece of my porto: :)

setahun-berkisahThis is my first time making illustration for a book, and to be honest I wasn’t confident at all. I am not until now, haha. However, I’m so glad that some of my sketches aren’t stuck in my sketch book forever :D

‘Setahun Berkisah’ is a book of short-stories about love in various occasion along the year, Lunar New Year, Valentine, April Fools Day, Christmas, etc. It was written by 8 authors and published in April 2013 by Bukune publishing. The cover isn’t designed by me; it’s designed by Gita Mariana.









26. April 2013 by puty
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  1. Putyyyyy… itu novelnya udah terbitkah? I’d love to buy one kalo udah terbit, tolong kabar-kabari aku yaa. Great drawings by the way!! <3

  2. wah…kemarin sempat lihat novelnya bertengger di TM Bookstore…ilustrasinya kereeennn – Salam kenal ya ^^

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