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Story of a Girl on The Rig

The first time I came to TEPI for On Job Training program in January 2011, I didn’t know that I was going to be assigned in Well Geology Operation of GSR. When I knew that the training would involve one or two trips to the drilling rig, I got mixed feelings; worried, excited, plus a bit scared. Maybe just like some of us who work on the office with formal outfit every weekday, working on a rig is a bit out of imagination. Would it be fine for an inexperienced girl from university like me to go to the rig?


So I did my first rig trip to Rig Maera. I was introduced to everyone who, unlike what I had imagined, was nice; joking and laughing a lot as well. I knew the pressure for every personnel on board was really high but after all, everyone was just man-alive being and enjoying ‘dangdut’ (as you might do). Another fact was, being inexperienced, as much as being a girl didn’t turn out to be an issue, at all. Everybody is treated just equally.

I, then, got rid my hesitation and tried to look closely. If we look closer, rig was more than just a construction for drilling. It was a piece of life; a moving space to learn. Where a lot people work in diversity, where various process & struggle happen.

Under my green helmet (color indicating new-personnel-on-the-rig) I learned about what a rig really does, how complicated it is to be operated, and how much every minute costs. Personally, I learned to value hard-working, dealing with pressure, high risk and high responsibility. I also experienced how family becomes such motivation and treasure of everyone, no matter how far. Lessons learned.

So, five months later, after I graduated, I decided to come back to the Total’s rig as a not-so-new-kid-on-the-rig. I returned as a wellsite geologist with a white (instead of green) helmet ready to learn much more. If you’ve never been to a rig and get a chance to visit one day, just go and don’t hesitate. Trust the geologist.

On the heli-deck, underneath the derrick, among the drill pipes, there are (life) lessons to learn.

Just look closely.

December, 2011

So this is my last official day of being a wellsite geologist working on the rig and insya Allah I will start to work as geologist in the office. I thank God a lot for the opportunity although I know that I’ll miss the rig life very much. VERY VERY MUCH.

And I’d like to thank a lot of people for everything. Pak Baginda & Pak Dicky for the opportunity that changed my life. Mas Aan & Mas Onyi for introducing me to wellsite geology. Kang Abew & Mas Joe, my first mentors on board. Mas Hasan, my first Supervisor Operation Geologist. Every wellsite geologist & SOG, now and then, in Well Geology Operation service.

Everybody I met in Rig Maera, Rig Yani, and Rig Soehanah. Everyone, for everything.

Thank you, for being part of this phase of life.




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