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A Plan to Settle Down

Maybe some of you notice that I’ve been writing so little lately. In fact, I’m dealing with all rush of probation period in the office, trading my thoughts and words with some inspiration to work on database and statistic analysis. Now I’m almost done with the-database-and-statistic part 1 and the need to write some lines just came up.

Well, maybe it isn’t a ‘just came up’. It is a thing I think I need to write.

This August I’ll turn 24. Depending on which side you see it from, 24 might be either ‘young’ or ‘too young’. As for me, I would say that I’m the luckiest girl I’ve ever known for accomplishing a lot by that age. I’ve graduated with pretty nice grade, got a decent job, paid myself a flight for an adventure to another continent, experienced spring-fall-and-winter at their best, visited the place I’d been dreaming of, taken a lot of pictures, made a lot of best friends, and many many many things else of which I constantly thank God for.

On the other hand, I know there are many things else I haven’t accomplished. I’ve just worked for 2 years, I haven’t pursued a master degree, I haven’t been to America and I haven’t seen the aurora. I can feel a glimpse of wanderlust, enveloped by jealousy every time I discover my friends saying ‘hi’ from all over the world; for studying, business trip, attending more conferences or student festivals, or even being a steward (hi Martin!). I realize that I still want more. More adventures to experience. More trips to travel. More strangers to stumble upon.

Some might say that 24 is young enough for more.

However, some might say that more will always lead you into another more.

Me? I had plans for more, but I knew that God had reasons. Apparently, He gave me the best one to trade all my plans with a plan to settle down: Anggun Pribadi Armia.

So I said “yes” :)



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Puty Puar. F/28. Indonesian. Working at home mom, blogger, illustrator, book author & enthusiast. Also a small business owner. Contact her through puti [dot] karina [dot] puar [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. Venus says

    WOW! You did? You said yes?? Putyyyyyy selamaaaaatttt… happy for you, dear. Selamat yaaaaaa :*

  2. Riry says

    Puty! oh hope u’d remember me.. just one of ur assyafiiyah friend hehe. been reading ur journal lately hehehe. human is created with the never ending unsatisfied-ness (apa coba), u got jealous with all those people u mentioned above, while i got jealous with ur adventures!

    congrats btw :)

    • Halo Riryyyy :D Inget donggg… Thanks for stopping by here, ang thanks for the congrats :3

  3. Anis says

    Putyyy… Selamat yaaaa… Semoga semua lancar sampe waktunyaaa :)

  4. putyy selamat!! i always adore the way you tell something put :) semoga lancar sampai hari H :)

  5. donna says

    halo, meskipun gakenal tapi selamat ya kak! may you two have a wonderful life ahead:D

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