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Minahasa Highland








So I managed to escape for a super-short family holiday to Manado, which my grandma (from my mother’s side) was originally from (making me a quarter Minahasa-ese). We made day-trips to Minahasa Highland & Bunaken Island. After constantly going to office since first of May, I couldn’t be happier to spend a weekend going up on the hills on Saturday and swim into the sea on Sunday :’)


Minahasa Highland day trip itinerary:
Bukit Doa Mahawu (a nice religious place with small beautiful chapel and great view, a nice place)
– Pagoda Ekayana (it’s amazing to see a pagoda in the town of churches :))
– Woloan (a region that specially produces traditional wooden knocked-down houses)
– Kampung Walian (Walian was taken from the name of a doctor or a healer….. which happened to be my ancestor)
– Danau Tondano (recommended resto: Danau Tondano Restaurant, with halal food and nice view)
– Danau Linow (breath-taking crater lake)
– Pasar Tradisional Tomohon (a traditional market where you can prove the saying of “Manadoeses eat everything” as you can find any kind of meat here; boars, dogs, rats, cats, bats, anything………..)


Gonna post about Bunaken Island later :)



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