Month: August 2013

Getting Engaged

Some people (read: girl friends) asked me how it feels to be engaged. I could neither explain it with only a couple of lines of text nor some sentences with sunshiny adjectives. Those who had been through this must know how indescribable it is. Well, it’s actually a wonderful mix of happiness and worry. Happy; that I found and was found by the one. Happy that the only person that I want to spend the rest of my life with wants the same (at least he said so, and that is an engagement all about, anyway, haha). Happy to know that the feeling is mutual. On the other side, there’s also noteworthy worry; to think about what could go wrong. I heard a lot of stories about couple breaking up after getting engaged. I read enough chick lits where the bride-to-be ended up flying away with a stranger she’d just met on the plane. I have been told to be careful and not to over-think before getting married. Yes. Getting engaged doesn’t make a relationship …