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Another Eid Far from Home

Good morning, another Monday with many things to do.

Yes, unlike millions of people in this country who are excited about The Eid that’s coming in 3 days, I’m feeling…… pathetic. I know I’m being so whiny lately, and I’m sorry for those colleagues connected to me through Twitter & Path for listening (or reading) the same thing again and again. You can skip this post right away and come back to your family and/or old-friends at your home town. Anyhow, I promise this would be the last whine online.

Yes, I’m spending another Eid working away from my hometown. This is my third one, after 2011, and 2012 (oh yes, thank God I wrote about them because those posts remind me of how I’ve been a Ms. Brightside plus Ms.Oh-So-Tough almost on the entire of my working life). I hate to admit that this one would be the worse because this time it won’t be on the rig. I have to say that spending the Eid on the rig sounds terrible, but it’s actually much better because there will be other not-so-fortunate people, just like you are, which whom you can laugh at the bitterness with. And there will be good food. And you don’t need to worry about shops being closed and public transportations being on holiday. It would be just another fine day on the rig.


Anyway, as I promised, this would be my last whine. I know it won’t change anything. It won’t fly me home. It will make this Ramadhan (which is already recorded as the worst Ramadhan ever happened in my life) even worse.

Let’s face it.

Let’s make some plans and see the bright side. I’ll wear new clothes to the office after the Eid prayer and I’ll visit colleagues open-house. I’ll also stock some cookies (chocolate and cheese!) and some cakes (oh, my diet!) And oh yes, let’s buy one or two chick lit books.

Let’s accept it.

I have to say that I love my job and it pays my bills and those trips to places I had dreamed all my life. However, in life, we can’t win everything. We made our choices and they come with consequences we have to live on.

And let’s get back to work.

For those who have the chance to spend any special occasion with family and friends, please please please be grateful about it.

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