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(Another) Change(s)

I’ve made some changes in the look of Puty’s Journal. Everything is simpler than before, and I can say, it is MUCH simpler than ever. I also decided to increase the font size and space for pictures by removing the right sidebar. It now feels funny because back in 2002, my biggest concern upon my homepage might have been about “What should I put on the sidebar? How should people see me as the blog owner?” I was surely a prototype of nowadays cyber-attention-seeker teenager, only with dial-up connection (and without Facebook). Back then, I didn’t think that someone from my office would ever google my name and (maybe) stumble upon my history. :p

Some people wonder why (and ‘how’) I still do blogging. I have to say that the reasons change. Initially, I want people to read my thoughts and listen to my story. Now, I mostly blog for myself. Writing helps me to understand, and posting pictures helps me to preserve the beautiful things I’ve been through. They help me to share and create tiny dusts of universe with my signature. Who knows about 10 years later or more?

At the end of the day, we’ll understand that the only constant thing in life is change.

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