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From My Boat, I Can See Your House

So last weekend I went to Guinness Arthur’s Day held in JIExpo with Agun. Many many thanks for Simbok Venus who gave the tickets for free and for Roy, who got them for us. I knew it was another universe conspiracy that brought me to Mew once again after their performance in Java Rocking Land 4 years ago. We didn’t plan to come until it was almost 00:00 on Friday night when I scrolled Twitter timeline and found Mbok Venus’ telling she had 5 tickets left. 2 tweets later, I got them.

So right after grabbing the prize I told here, we went to JIExpo. We met Roy & Sarah (finally!), and some good friends (without knowing that some of them recognizing each other because they were in a group called Frengers Indonesia). It wasn’t only Mew who performed, there were also Club 8 (but we missed it) and One Republic. I’m not really a listener One Republic but their performance was really enjoyable, even without singing along. Mew came on stage about 23.00 something. Pretty late, but it didn’t seem to matter for the Frengers.

For me, Mew, now, is a nostalgia. I started listening to them back in junior high school and really listened to them a bit later, in 2007. Their last album I bought was 4 years away so it was a pretty long time for me of not hearing anything new from Mew. Their songs just reminded me of certain days in university and my room in Bandung and some people. Back in the morning on the plane to Jakarta, I shuffled their songs again, closed my eyes and cried a bit. I couldn’t figure out why but it was like listening a record of good old days that would never come back.

When they came on stage, they were just like the first time I watched them live. I wondered a bit if they are vampires that don’t get old and definitely look coldly good at night. For more than 1 hour they played favorite songs from ‘Frengers’ and ‘And The Glass Handed Kites’ and some from ‘No More Stories…’ The night was closed with Comforting Sounds and confetti was shot, started to fall down like big big flakes of warm snow. Beautiful.

Bo, Jonas, Silas


From my boat
I can see your house
And when the lights are on
I can watch you move
Hear the wind
Whispering your name
Twice the encouragement
Of the real you

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