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Hello all, and hello 2014! :D

At last I’m here, at home, writing this post. I’m actually spending my annual leave that started at December 20th to January 5th. It’s been really nice and hectic at the same time. I went for solo trip to Australia for 10 days  (plus bonus a half day day trip in KL with Bang Anggun), checked some points on wedding to-do-list (including shopping, another yay!), and will still try to check some more, meet up with families & best friends. Great way to end a year and start another, aight? :D

I have to say that I’m one of the most blessed girls I’ve ever known. I can’t praise Allah SWT enough for all love & blessings poured to me. Alhamdulillaahi rabbil-‘aalamiin.  Now I’ll write a quick look-back at 2013, so I won’t forget one of the most life-changing years in my life.

Here’s a list of remarkable event in 2013.

  • Got a boyfriend, a fiance, a husband to be :)
  • Got a new position in the office (and join a new family) as asset geologist in Tunu Dept and retired from rig life
  • Got my illustration published in “Setahun Berkisah”
  • Joined Kelas Inspirasi as assistant of Pak Guru / Ahli Geologi Anggun Pribadi
  • Took Bunda for mamacation to Hong Kong & Macau
  • Watched Bloc Party, live, kyaaaaaaa xD
  • Got surgery for non-cancerous breast lump
  • Went to North Sulawesi, my ancestors’ land
  • Turned 24!
  • Celebrated Eid far away from family and best friends for the 3 times in a row! :'(
  • Got officially engaged :)
  • Got my writings published in “DestinASEAN” :’)
  • Became a part of committee for golf event for charity
  • Won Books & Beyond Traveling Essay Contest :)
  • Got my multiple entries visa for Australia, valid to 2016! Yay!
  • Watched Mew for the second time!
  • Went for Java road trip with Aresty
  • Experienced a blow-out from far away :O
  • Made a birthday surprise for a loved one :)
  • Stepped on a continent I’ve never been before, Australia

Wonderful, isn’t it?

A Piece of Soehanah

Alhamdulillaahi rabbil-‘aalamiin. 

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    sugooooiiii Puch! ^^ smg lancar ya Put persiapan pernikahannya :)

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