(Late) Photos from Melbourne

NIKON D5100065

NIKON D5100073

NIKON D5100086

NIKON D5100112

NIKON D5100153

NIKON D5100154

NIKON D5100188

NIKON D5100179

NIKON D5100239

NIKON D5100245

NIKON D5100270

NIKON D5100304

NIKON D5100308

NIKON D5100374

NIKON D5100372

NIKON D5100381

NIKON D5100397

NIKON D5100433

Here are some more :)

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Puty Puar. F/26. Indonesian. Currently living and working in Balikpapan (ID) as geologist and freelance illustrator. She also enjoys amateur photography, books, traveling, fine art & design.

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