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Lost Photos Recovered :’)

If you wonder why I haven’t posted the photos from my latest trip as I always did, it is because I’ve just recovered them from the formatted memory card last night. Yes, there was a system-crash-or-whatever-it-was-I-was-not-geeky-enough-to-figure-out while transferring around 700 photos to PC. It was my first time so I was kind of…. startled. I knew there are people providing particular service for recovering data in Jadebotabek and Bandung, but I didn’t have that much time before returning to Balikpapan. I tried several tips from the internet and downloaded some mentioned applications for data recovery. Nothing worked until I tried EaseUS software last night. Not that I’m advertising EaseUS but I was really thankful :’)

However, from around 700 photos, about 180 photos couldn’t be recovered. Mostly photos from Melbourne & Sydney :( Fortunately I used different memory card in Western Australia so I didn’t lose anything. Well, I’m happy just to have all I could recover.

Oh yes, another interesting part: I got some photos broken but I like them. They remind me of using lomo back in those good old days.

NIKON D5100348

NIKON D5100730

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