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A bit of Fremantle,with a (Not So) Old Friend

Looking back one or two years ago, I worked with a lot of nice people on the rig. ‘Living’ on the rig didn’t give people choice whom to work with or without. On being myself, I would prefer building personal relationship rather than going fully professional so I made some good friends. We chatted and laughed, had lunch or supper together, and I even spent many special days with them (yes, I posted quite a lot about spending birthday, Eid, Christmas, and New Year on the rig :’)).

One of them was Aldian, one of the best engineers I’ve ever worked with. Not only because he’s professional and responsible, but also genuinely helping and kinda funny. Teaming up with Himawan, Felany and Sathira, they made days easier back then. I had to admit that I started with zero of real-experience about drilling and rig stuff, and having friends like them was a blessing.

Long story short, I moved to the office. Some friends were transferred, some resigned, and some just stayed. Aldian was one of those who got transferred. He moved to Perth with his cute little family, so when I went there during the Oz trip, I contacted him via FB asking a meet up. It was really nice to be welcome and felt like client again (HAHA, no, just seriously kidding…) These are some photos I took when Al & Desy took me for lunch in Fremantle (WA). Nice city by the sea, great seafood and I really really like their daughter, Raissa (that was named after a rig, right, Al? :p).










Thanks a lot, and see you later, guys :D

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