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Impulsive Purchase of The Year

It’s still January yet I’ve done ‘Impulsive Purchase of The Year’. Well, it was Ramda who told me that Ólafur Arnalds is coming to Mosaic Music Festival this March. When I checked the line-up, I saw Young Dreams on the list. Young Dreams is a Norwegian indie band from Bergen I was recommended a couple of years ago by a local and it made it to my playlist. I thought about coming but I was like, “Nah, not that they’re my favorite band or so.” A week or two later (which was actually “yesterday”), I realized that I have a day-off that would be expired by the end of March. I asked my fiancé for suggestion about it and he said, “Didn’t you mention about an event or so in Singapore?”

I thought quite a lot around 08.00 AM like how was I supposed to be saving and so. I thought less than ever around 09.00 AM and purchased the ticket for Young Dreams, and Lucy Rose, plus round-trip ticket to Singapore. Plus booked the hostel near Esplanade for one night. Crazy.

Couple of hours later, I didn’t felt any guilt. I was excited about it, and am excited now. Well, I just thought that maybe, before I turn into The Real Bridezilla and asking myself deeply about how I could blow millions just for a day (Wedding Day,*cough*  just to remind you, Puty), I should ‘treat’ myself as much as possible. And. Of. Course. After getting married I surely can’t just leave the house and say, “Baby, I’m going  to this music festival by myself, to watch a ‘not-even-on-Wikipedia’ Scandinavian band and be a hipster so please help yourself with the dishes.”

No way.

I have to say that even though many people know me for being well-planned and organized, I’ve got a lot of random things and (raw) ideas in my mind.



I couldn’t stop talking
I now need a charger for my mobile phone
I want to go walking
I want to go walking in the city

So’s the time and what I feel is wrong
Into the room,
Sings be songs from out of stand and holds
And the lonely, times we was wrong
First days of something
What makes a year, charging my faults
I don’t care anymore
First days of something
First days of something

(Young Dreams – First Days of Something)

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