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Lucy Rose & Young Dreams in Mosaic Music Festival

As I’ve told earlier here, I impulsively purchased tickets for Young Dreams and Lucy Rose in Mosaic Music Festival. So last week I had another concert trip to Singapore, only this time I went by myself. I arrived on Friday morning and strolled around to kill time before Lucy Rose’s performance at 07.30 PM & Young Dreams at 10.00 PM. I didn’t bring my camera but I took some pictures with my cell phone (I’ll post them later).

SG, March 2014
Great selfie, I just realized!

So I arrived at Esplanade around 06.30 PM after a quick early dinner. I stood in line for Lucy Rose and caught a glimpse of a hipster couple that (I guessed) coming from Bandung but I didn’t bother to hi them or so. The rest are locals (I guessed). At 07.00 PM the door of Recital Studio was opened and everybody rushed inside to find a seat. I honestly didn’t expect it to be sitting concert and the best thing was finding seat in the middle of first row (well, a bit to the right, but still perfect). I sat beside a nice Singaporean with hijab who happened to be by herself as well.

SG, March 2014

At 07.30 PM the gig started and I was only 2-3 meters from Lucy & her band. She was…. cute yet cool, simple yet charming. She opened the gig with ‘Lines’ and sung almost all of tracks from ‘Like I Used To’ including my favorites, ‘Red Face’, ‘All I’ve Got’, and ‘Night Bus’ (the complete setlist is here). I was stunned by her heartbreaking voice (I simply defined it as “lirih” in Bahasa Indonesia). She kept switching guitars and twice or thrice played the keyboard. In the transition of songs, someone shouted, “Lucy, I love you!” She answered, “I Definitely love you too.” She said, “I can’t believe we’re here, so far from home. You know, London can be boring,” then she added, “No, not boring, but you know.. We just don’t have building with boat on the roof.” Lucy, you got me haha.

After show, there was a limited to 30 minutes autograph session. The girl beside me grabbed me to queue for the autograph and thanks to her, I was one of the lucky ones. She was smaller than I had thought and she hugged me when I told her that I flew from Indonesia. Totally adorable.

SG, March 2014

Puty & Lucy Rose

Ciee, akrab. :’)

That night wasn’t ended yet. I continued with Young Dreams. I actually didn’t know what to expect since the gig was held in a club (well, not really, it was more like studio with bar) and I’m not a night-club-fan. However, as they came up on the stage and started with ‘Dream Alone, Wake Together’, I focused on the excitement. I enjoyed their music and the whole performance but I must admit that they aren’t as jumpy as I had expected. I even thought some were just too calm and not interactive. They performed my favorites, ‘Flight 376’, ‘Footprints’, and ‘First Day of Something’. I didn’t recognize some but I moved to every beat and went frantic when they performed ‘Young Dreams’.

SG, March 2014

SG, March 2014

I didn’t go to the autograph session because they only sold vinyl and I don’t have any vinyl player. However, I went back to the hostel happily. It surely took a universe conspiracy for me who lives in Balikpapan to watch an indie band from Bergen. I walked with my iPod still shuffling Lucy Rose & Young Dreams.

Both of the gig were totally worth every mile of flight. Thanks Mosaic Music Festival for bringing them to Singapore :’)

We get it, like everyone else does
Like sailors we set for the sea
We’re restless, that’s why keep on moving
Not empty because of our young dreams

We´ll live forever

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