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Quick Window Shopping

I think I’ve lost my appetite to dress up since last year or even earlier than that. Not a surprise since I knew that I would be over such little dramas (‘I-don’t-have-anything-I-don’t-know-what-to-wear’ problem, mix-and-match-ing and other girl stuff, etc) as I grew up. Now I wear anything comfy and not-having significant impact when I lose/gain 1kg in the morning. Do not blame me, but praise my job as geologist that doesn’t need dress to impress :p

However, I just realized that I only have 3 batik outfit to wear alternately every Friday, which I’ve been wearing for 2 years. I’m considering to get new ones but I haven’t got any chance to drop by my favorite place for batik & muslimah outfit, Thamrin City. Then I tried Zalora for window shopping and I was surprised that it has section for batik, tenun & kebaya. Nice! It surely gives a lot of inspiration for my next real shopping or getting my Batik fabric gift tailored.

Another online window shopping I did is Ammara. Ammara’s owner is a super smart, talented & loving woman, Yessi Pratiwi (Echi). The collection is sweet, cute, and kinda Diana Rikasari-ish :p I put some of these stuff on my wish list anyway :)

Left to right: Lila hair piece by Ammara, Atasan Batik in ZaloraAisya Multipurpose Acc by Ammara, Alice Combo DressTucks Ikat Dress

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