Month: April 2014

Bunny Bridezilla Series: Wedding Play(wish)list

The closer we get to the D-day, the more I think: why are there so many things for 2 hours party? Why must everything be anything but me? Why the date is about the venue availability.Why the food is about the guests. Why I can’t exclude people I hardly know from the list. Of course there are a lot of Why’s that would be simply answered with: because it’s a family party plus a social event where you would do anything not to be negatively talked behind. Everything should be familiar and neutral for everyone. Not that I hate it but even my love for my parents is not enough to stop me thinking: I’ll let my future children throw their own party as long as I like whom they’re going to get married with :p Funny that I was almost always asked help and suggestion about unique theme and decoration yet I let the decoration vendor do my wedding decoration by template. Haha. Well, we managed to come with some win-win points like: I chose …