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I wonder if I’ve told a lot about my Aussie trip last year. I posted about Melbourne, Sydney (in black and white), and Fremantle. This month (I guess), two friends moved to Aussie; Perth and Sydney, and it just popped in the lunch talk this afternoon. I remember that I haven’t told much about Perth and Sydney.

When I came back from the trip, people frequently asked me which city was my favorite? People were surprised when I mentioned Perth. Well, I just spent 3 days (or less) on each, so a change of mind on another visit is possible. Yes, I love Melbourne for being artsy and cool and cozy that live my youth for another 20 years. I love Sydney for being heterogeneous, for offering many great things. However, I love Perth for being….. developing and not so touristy (but it’s like a gate for Western Australiaahhh). I think it’s a nice place for working and raising kids :p Oh yes, and I looooooooooooove Kings Park.

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