Month: August 2014

Entrepreneurship & Working from Home

I feel blessed to have not only one circle of good friends but some. There are more issues yet more ideas, more points of view and more disagree’s. What I and most of my good friends have in common is that we’re in our early to mid twenties; golden period of quarter life crisis. We can’t help that the easy access to people’s personal lives through social media keeps us busy comparing. Some people bring us down by being so highly achieving while some are only busy complaining on all things, even their own life choices. Some make us think just enough and some inspire us a lot. Everything slowly but surely has got into me.¬†What I never thought would matter 5 years ago now seriously matters. One of the hot topics is entrepreneurship. A lot of my friends are now entrepreneurs in the making; making start-ups (you know UrbanIndo? Petra Barus is one of the guys behind it), innovating and creating new products, reselling stuff they import, selling food, etc. My besties, Sari & …