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It’s been a while…

SG, March 2014

SG, March 2014

Lately (or I should say, since mid 2013 when we started planning the wedding) I’ve been so busy with marriage and wedding related discussion. Some good and best friends got (or are getting) married this year and I’ve been talking a lot about wedding and marriage life. Without really realizing it, I’ve been giving advice to friends (especially those who’ve been in particular relationship for what I assume as enough duration to know each other) to start thinking about marriage.

Last week I got a chance to hang out with a French trainee. He’s a non-pro-marriage, fear-of-commitment typical guy. It wasn’t my judgement; it was his statement. Although I’m a conventional type (stay-virgin-until-what-I-believe-would-be-my-everlasting-monogamous-marriage kind of girl), I’m open minded enough not to mind people’s choice or being nosy about it. So I kinda enjoyed when we (plus my unmarried besties) discussed about it. I’ve been always interested about what modern guys think about marriage and how they deal with their spouses and society. Chick lits aren’t enough because they are mostly written by female writers (whose blood having higher percentage of romance than average woman).

It’s been a while since my previous discussion about non-pro-marriage relationship. I have to say that it was refreshing. Not that I say I regret anything about being married, but I think that I’ve been talking too much about it. I’m turning “ibu-ibu” and spreading it without realizing it at all, hahaha. I guess it’s been a while since the last time I enjoyed and felt refreshed by a good conversation with new friend (the last one was last year with Elaine back in Sydney I guess).

We also discussed about how absorbed Asians into their smart phones. The trainee told me, “I mean, I don’t care about people are currently doing. Why should I? Why should the others care about what I’m currently doing?” I got the point and I’ve been thinking about it too, but listening it from a guy who really doesn’t give a slightest damn about social media was just different :p

And I was mocked as “typical-boring-wife-type” because I double-check everything. Haha. I guess, yes I am and in need to be reminded. So yes, I hope to meet more new people and discover new places soon :)

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  1. Funny enough i still remember that subject being brought up during a conversation of ours where i kinda was the “non-pro-marriage” guy — and related matters — and yep you were something along “tell me your side”.

    • Hello there, it’s been surely a while :) Yep. Always interesting as I’ve always been on the boring “pro-marriage” side.

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