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Dream (a) Home

One of the nice things of writing a blog and recording you last 12 years on it is that you can look back at your younger versions and see how your priorities have been changing from time to time. Back when I was in junior high school or earlier, I collected Cardcaptor Sakura stuff and I thought that even in my 70s I would still love my Cerberus plushie. When I was in high school and early years of univ, I really wanted to be able to afford those ‘Indonesian-ly expensive’ cheap retail products; Topshop, Zara, Mango, and stuff. When I was enjoying univ and being a part of film & photography club, I wanted cameras. Then I started working and feeding my wanderlust, I wanted plane tickets, and I worked and saved hard for them.

Now the time has come that I’m dreaming a house to be a home later. Oh yes, I still want to travel but I’m on the phase where I want to have a place to suffer from jet lag privately or to put those little things I’m bringing back. Well, the main reason is of course; to build a family. As if universe conspiring, two of my good friends, Naya & Cupris started their own home decor business (please check Come Home and Kawung Living) and yes, IKEA has just opened in Indonesia. As I was assigned for business trip in Serpong, I had a chance to visit it on the first day it was opened for public :’)

IKEA Alam Sutera ?

Now, I really really dream of a future home :)

Of course it isn’t that easy for middle class kiddos like me & my husband as we both are still struggling with our own first property installment but let’s give it a hope and a try :) Let’s work and save hard (again)!

For those friends who’s been reading my blog for years, thanks for growing up with my and my dreams :) For those younger readers, think far but don’t forget that youth doesn’t last forever. You deserve to work hard to make your own dreams come true.


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