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Long Distance Birthday Celebration

birthday greeting

Maybe you wonder why I haven’t talked much about Long Distance Marriage (LDM) and maybe you even expect LDM Survival Tips & Trick. At first, I just didn’t want to spread gloominess because unlike broken heart, distance is not something to heal but something to deal with. Writing is therapeutic and I just don’t like the idea of being in therapy, as if I suffer or something like that. I admit it that some nights, I cried because it would be easier if A was there but I was okay again in the morning, went to work and talked with friends. A calls me regularly and it always works. So yeah, it isn’t easy but it’s okay :)

A turned 31 yesterday. Yesteryear I flew from Balikpapan to Jakarta without telling him and knocked his door around 10-11 PM or so (accompanied by my parents outside, a honored spoiled lady I was). The thing is: Egham’s out of my special-surprise-flight radius and apparently out of online-cake-delivery range so I just purchased something from Freya Art, an online handmade gift shop in London and got it sent to Egham. The owner was so kind that she wrote a birthday note on the card :)

Well, actually, he sent me cake with “I miss u, Puti” written on it. I was on training and tried my very best not to cry :’) I bought candles and waited until A got back from univ. We then made little celebration via Skype and blew the candle together. Cute and heartbreaking, wasn’t it?

birthday boy

So, happy birthday again, A :) Keep rockin’!


  1. heiiii, puty.. stumbled upon you blog and found out that you’re so multitalented young lady. pinter nulis, pinter moto, pinter gambar.. i wish i could have one :D
    oya, happy birthday for your dear husband. may you both have great things ahead. be merry forever and always! :)

    -santi, also known as ldm survivor, tapi ga jauh2 amat sih cibubur-balikpapan doang kok :D :D

    • Hai Mbak Santi, subhanallah pujiannya banyak sekali :’) Terima kasih banyak ya Mbak semangatnya dan doanya. Semoga dirimu & suami diberikan kebaikan dan berkah :) cheersss

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