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A day before the last day in 2014!

2014 has surely been a year of change for a lot of people. At least, more than two hundreds millions  of Indonesian got a new president. Some got new hope, some got new experience and wisdom about politics-talk in society. Fuel subsidies got cut. Oil price dropped to the lowest point in last 5 years. 3 major Malaysian airlines accidents. Many got engaged, married, or separated.

2014 has also been a year of change for me. The major one: I got married on June. New family, new extended families, new plans :)


For the first half of the year, I was soooo busy with the wedding preparation. Indonesian conventional and traditional wedding is crazy expensive. All I can recap was dealing with A to Z of the wedding, surveying vendors, choosing the dress, trying hard to fit and look good on the dress that had been chosen, listing the guests, booking things, wondering the alternative of spending that much money while paying the expenses and stuff. It was crazy. Fortunately I managed to have a little solo escape on March for Mosaic Music Festival (Lucy Rose and Young Dreams! Love love!)

After the wedding me & A went to Lombok for honeymoon. We then temporarily lived in a studio in the heart of Jakarta and tasted the sweetness of being newlywed for a while, until A left for his study in UK on September. Nevertheless, before that, we got chance to celebrate Eid together with family & relatives in Bandung. Starting from Eid, I decided to take another step: to reveal less by wearing hijab. I deeply believe that it wouldn’t magically turn me into a better person, but it would remind me to keep going there. Another great change that came with greater responsibility.


On September, I and A went to UK. Me for 2 weeks, him for a year. I have to admit that Long Distance Marriage isn’t easy but good things don’t come easy, do they?

Working life has been going well. I got some good chances to learn new things and meet new people, did some presentation to authority and partner, joined a task force and stuff. Aside from working in the office, this year I also re-ignited my old hobby and started to bring it to surface: drawing. I established “@byputy” and did some illustration for friends, family and other happy people :) Talking about hobby, this year I also read 1.5 book each month on average. Not that bad for such a task juggler :p

Pendekar Tongkat Emas

On the last 2 weeks of 2014 I did another solo escape to Bali and Surabaya, which was fun and I would post about it just later. Oh yes, and this year I got 2 new companions: a Fuji XE-1 and a new smartphone with stylus for drawing. OMG. What a year of spending! x)


Alhamdulillaahi rabbil-‘aalamiin.


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