Month: February 2015

Our New House: Usagi Casa!

Alhamdulillah wasyukurillah, I & A now have a home (and of course a mortgage LOL) near my parents’ home in Bekasi. Although Bekasi has been quite popular in social media recently for being alienated by distance and traffic jam (from Jakarta, which parts actually just alienate each other), we decided to get a house there because 1) To be close to my parents, 2) To be pretty close to A’s mom & house in Bandung. We consider some scenarios such as having baby and me not giving up my 9-5 job. You know, things like that. Since A is still in UK and me in Balikpapan, I got really busy during moving in. The house itself was pre-loved but fortunately the what was left was more than just okay and it feels spacious. It’s got a little garden and even a patio on the balcony. Lucky us! :D Decorating house has always been my dream, especially since Diana Rikasari hit it with her #BidiBidiBongBong home (a trivia: we’re in the same housing complex ;)). I guess it comes …


Some might notice how I’ve been writing less lately. The thing is now I’m exploiting my right brain for another thing: drawing. Well, I’ve been drawing all my life but unlike blog writing, it had never been regular before. Now I’m establishing @byputy and doing limited number of custom illustration for people. It is exciting and I’m having fun, as much fun as writing or reading or taking pictures. However, it gets me very busy because I’m doing it and everything else off of office hours. I guess I need some time to adapt and go for better time management so I can also insert my Spanish lesson, a stack of untouched paperback, and short stories drafts scattered-mentally-in-little-universe-inside-my-head to my sometime in the middle of my 24 hours of a day :) You can follow @byputy on Instagram (separated from my personal account) :) See you there! ;3