Month: April 2015

China Trip

When I told my friend that I’ve bought return ticket Jakarta-Shanghai departing in less than a month, he told me I was ‘sick’. I, surely, had asked for permission from my husband and my parents after doing quick research about how safe China is in general. After convincing everyone that it is pretty safe (at least by my standard who lived more than half of my life commuting from Bekasi to Jakarta), I purchased the┬ápromo ticket from Garuda Indonesia. So far, it was the most impulsive trip I’ve ever done (well, err, maybe number 2 most impulsive after the Lucy Rose & Young Dreams concert last year) and I guess it’ll be my favorite to tell in the future because: It wasn’t that well-planned (by my standard, which means I still put my itinerary in table format and maps printed) My first solo trip with hijab My Chinese is limited to “Ni Hao” and “Xie Xie” (and “Wo Ai Ni” which is useless anyway) because “Cap cay” and “Puyung Hai” surely didn’t work in China. …