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Riding on hot air balloon: checked!

Riding on hot air balloon had always been on my bucket list, since, well, I’m not exactly sure but I remember that I drew it a lot. I know it’s cliché but I guess we all have that kind of hopeless romantic 10 years old kid inside of us (because what else could be the reason Up was a big hit?). It was proven easily because as soon as we arrived in Cappadocia the whole family suddenly had a bucket list and of course hot air balloon was on the list.

Cappadocia is always listed as one of the best places for hot air balloon ride with what is called ‘other-world-ly’ landscape. Even without the hot air balloon, the gorgeous rocky terrain shaped by age and nature will humble you and make you think about how short and temporary a human’s life is. I must say it was even more fantastic from such great height.

…and seeing such beautiful view with your loved ones was beyond amazing.

It’s funny that happiness can be ‘price-full’ and priceless at the same time :)

Well, a quick info for balloon tour :)

  • There are many balloon tour providers in Cappadocia (here’s a pretty good link) and you can book through any travel agent and hotel where you stay. Cappadocia is all about tourism, so don’t worry, you’ll see travel agent on every corner of it.
  • If you’re traveling on high season (May – July), I suggest you to book it advance because even with so many balloons, ‘totally full booked’ can happen. (It happened during out trip, luckily we booked in advance).
  • Yes, it was expensive if you’re traveling on tight budget :'( The price was around 120 – 160 euro per person for standard flight, about 60 minutes and about 20 people on the basket. It includes hotel pick up & drop, simple breakfast and insurance.
  • Yes, IMHO, it is worth it
  • Technically you’ll be picked up by a shuttle from the hotel where you stay early in the morning, about 04.30 – 05.00. Be on time because you won’t be the only one to be picked up. Then the shuttle will drop you to an open space providing breakfast. You’ll get a badge with balloon number. While having your breakfast and morning coffee you can see the balloon being pumped and prepared. Just wait there until your number is mentioned.
  • You’ll fly for about an hour without knowing where to land. HAHA.
  • But don’t worry, it’ll be fine :”D
  • After landing you’ll do a toast… with champagne-look-alike energy drink. Which is good if you’re a devoted Moslem :’)
  • And you’ll get a cute certificate :3
  • Since the tour would end by 8 in the morning, there will be enough time to have another day tour.
  • Plan your trip accordingly. If you really want to go for the balloon tour, spare 2 days because if the weather is bad, all balloon tours will be cancelled. Your reservation can be moved to the next day(s) if you have spare days. Otherwise, you won’t fly and just get full refund.
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