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It’s been 13 years

In 2002 I started 3 things I couldn’t imagine growing up without: blogging, knowing a great woman named Julisa, and getting a great crush on 21-year-old Iker Casillas during World Cup. Now it was 13 years ago, I’m still blogging, I barely keep in touch with Julisa because she’s too awesome and busy globe-trotting and saving the world (but I always text her on her birthday), and Iker Casillas is now 34 years, a father and no longer plays in Real Madrid.

I grew up liking Casillas and watching football regularly for a few years. Then I lost interest in watching sports. Well, maybe I just realized that it was pointless to watch sports I hardly ever did. Now I occasionally watch International matches but not more than that. However, my personal adoration to Iker Casillas stayed. I never lost a high school girl inside of me who made a dream to visit Santiago Bernabeu, where Casillas started his career and went on for about 16 years. Moreover, I got interested in Spain as a country with rich culture and pieces of Islamic caliphate. So 10 years from 2002, I saved enough money and flew to Spain.

There, I made it, a dream came true! (Madrid, 2002)

So, when I read the news about Iker bidding farewell to Real Madrid in tears, I kinda lost in thoughts and memories too. How a person whom you never met in person can affect you and make you feel like you’re old pals because you have a lot of memories related to the person. How things have been changing. How uncertain we are about the future. How dreams keep you moving. How far 2002 is from now. How Iker Casillas never changed his hairstyle and got tattoo. If I will ever watch him live.



“Whether people remember me for being a good or bad goalkeeper, above all I would like to be remembered for being a good person, with my faults.”

You go, Iker Casillas Fernandez!

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