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25 Things I Did Before I Left 25 y.o

Al-hamdulillahi rabbil ‘alamin, last week I turned 26! :) Nothing can express how grateful I am to live the life I’m living now, to be in a point where I question myself, “Is it too much to ask for more?”

It was my 4th birthday in Balikpapan (because last year it was in Bogor) and a really good one. It started with A‘s long distance call and silly dubsmash video, then a little surprise from bestfriends (I seriously thought I was too old for birthday surprise, but who could resist martabak and beng beng?). In the morning I went jogging by myself as a moment to make promise that I’ll take care of my body better than before. In the afternoon I got my hair cut, ate bakso and had some coffee with Anggi (my bridezilla bestie). Later I called my mom and in the evening had fast-food dinner with friends and credit card 50% discount promo. During the day I got best wishes and prayers from the loved ones. Nothing fancy but somehow it described an ordinary yet imperfectly perfect day :)

So yeah, turning 26 means I’ve officially more or less spending half of my life blogging (I started at 13 years old, OMG). After all, I’m building a personal time machine here although I know there’s no single thing ever happened in the past that I would change. Now, I’d like to be thankful about a lot of things and write them down, hoping the future me will not forget and never give up on believing the power of dreams, hard-work and kindness.

25 years old me

So here’s a picture of 25 years old me.

Things that 25 years old me did / had accomplished (not in any particular order):

  1. Won competitions and got trophies
  2. Got scholarship for academic achievement
  3. Paid hosting and domain for my blog
  4. Appeared on TV not as a cameo
  5. Appeared on magazine not as a cameo
  6. Lived on my own, be independent financially
  7. Befriended those kind of people I’d used to hate
  8. Went to work by helicopter :”D
  9. Traveled entirely on my personal expense to more than 10 countries
  10. Got a crush on stranger I met during traveling (not ending up like ‘Before Sunrise’ though)
  11. Bought a property (well, still on the way though :p)
  12. Got married
  13. Went diving
  14. Played in the snow
  15. Went to place I had been dreaming of my whole childhood: Studio Ghibli Museum
  16. Saw ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch
  17. Got my drawing published in books
  18. Giving up sugar for my coffee
  19. Attended music festivals as straight-edge (actually always, duh)
  20. Saw my favorite artists performed live
  21. Attended international student event / forum / festival
  22. Got a job promotion :)
  23. Started wearing hijab
  24. Stayed in a friendship more than 10 years
  25. Understood that celebrities are only human and there’s no need to be overexcited around them

I know I haven’t done much like saving the world or learned to play musical instrument or got master degree and so on but I have to say that I got mostly what I prayed for and worked-hard on. So yeah, cheers for crossing more stuff on the bucketlist! The best is yet to come! :)


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