Month: October 2015

(Not So) Random Things I Want to Do

Lately I’ve been wondering a lot about things I really want to do. Or not really. Haha. Each time, I came up with several ‘falling star like’ ideas; thoughts or plans which sound very brilliant but in a blink of my eyes just, you know, disappeared. One of the staying ones is that I want to get a degree on social study. Back to my childhood, I remembered that my parents bought me a set of educational books for children with various topic from animals to human body. There were more than 20 books and I liked them all. However, I had my favorites: “Do It Yourself”, “World Around Us”, and “Knowing Society”. The “Do It Yourself” showed how to do craft and creating stuff (how to make decoration for your own party or how to paint on stones), “World Around Us” was about daily activities and “Knowing Society” told a lot about people and society from all over the world (from Indian food to Eskimo’s Igloo). It was the second or third year of …