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Going 30

The blog rearrarengement got me decided to put ‘Movies’ category on the menu although I know I’ve never written much about movies.

Talking about movies, actually I’m not a moviegoer type. I don’t watch TV (in case you wonder, yes I do have TV in my room but I rarely turn it on). I enjoy and to the cinema regularly with friends but I don’t mind skipping new movies if I don’t have spare times. Growing up with dreams of being an animator, I love cartoon and animation. If you think that Pixar and Studio Ghibli are not total genius and interesting, we aren’t going to be good friends unfortunately :p When I was in university, I joined a film and photography club and met a lot of movie buff or in the other words: got introduced to wide range of movie genre including film festival material movies. Anything but horror and thriller movies is acceptable for me.

Beside cartoon and animation, I really like romantic comedy movies. It’s not easy to admit it but everyone has a guilty pleasure, aight? :p There are weekends when I stay inside and doing rom-com marathon (or binging?) Some people who know me hardly believe that I do rom-com binging, “I thought you were a deep old soul!” Tsk tsk, no, I totally dig them and Bridget Jones is my kind of heroine! ;p

Last weekend I rewatched 13 Going 30, starring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. I didn’t remember that I liked it much the first time I watched it. I guess I was closer to 13 than 30 then, and I didn’t know Mark Ruffalo would grow old so… well *uh* *ditoyor suami*.

If you happen to have not watched it yet, or are never interested to, it’s about typical American 13 years old girl named Jenna Rink who tried to fit in the pretty-girls-gang at school and totally took her unpopular chubby best friend, Matt, for granted. On her 13th birthday she got humiliated by those cool kids and she cried wishing to be 30 and thriving.

The next morning, she suddenly woke up 30 and succesful just as what she always dreamed of (editor for her favorite magazine, luxurious apartment, hot boyfriend and befriending the leader of the cool-girls gang). Didn’t know what to do, she tried to find the 30 years old Matt and turned out that they weren’t friends anymore because she had ditched him in high school. She found out that she got everything she ever wanted yet she grew up mean and bitchy.

Long story short, as an innocent 13 years old girl who was trapped in her 30 version, Jenna got back in touch with Matt and she fell in love with him. However, everybody hated her and Matt got a fiancee already. She wished she could turn back time to change her wishes and mind about what kind of 30 years old woman she wanted to be.

Now, that I’m closer to 30 than 13, I watched “13 going 30” from different point of view. I’m 26 and indeed when I was 13, I wished (almost) everything I had now. I’m utterly grateful for that.

Have you ever looked back and remember how silly the things you wanted back then? Well, if you admit it, some were just very simple (having your own mobile phone?) or, in contrary, very hard that no real adults would be interested in such wish (what about meeting Westlife?).

Well, here are some things I remembered I wished as a teenager:

  1. Have my own mobile phone with camera so I can take picture of my crush (PS: LOLOLOL!)
  2. Be Gadis Sampul (cover girl for GADIS magazine). (PS: Well, not because I wanted to be on magazine cover or something, I just wanted the cool activities and those overflowing gifts, OMG.)
  3. Be able to use paid service for my blog or online activity (PS: You know, premium member of DeviantArt, or Flickr?)
  4. Have my own website where I can show off my graphic and webdesign skill
  5. Go to Singapore or Australia for holiday
  6. Live in Japan
  7. Be able to read cool novels that are not in Bahasa Indonesia
  8. Be able to buy those novels with my own money
  9. Be able to buy everything I wanted in Kidz Station!
  10. Working in the office so I could decorate my own cubicle
  11. Have cute yet cool girl stuff from surfing clothing brand (Roxy? Billabong?) (PS: funny that even 13 years after that, I still think that those stuff are expensive! :p)
  12. A boyfriend.

Well, it’s just natural that our wishes grow up with us. As I once posted here, Andy Warhol explained it pretty well:

“When I’m working on a business project, I expect bad things to happen all the time. I always expect bad things to happen all the time. I always expect deals to fall through in the biggest, worst way possible. I guess I shouldn’t worry, though. If something’s going to happen for you, it will, you can’t make it happen. And it never does happen until you’re past the point where you care whether it happens or not. An actress friend told me that after she didn’t want money any more and after she didn’t want jewels any more, that’s when she got money and jewels. I guess it’s for our own good that it always happens that way, because after you stop wanting things is when having them won’t make you go crazy. After you stop wanting them is when you can handle having them. Or before. But never during. If you get things when you really want them, you go crazy. Everything becomes distorted when something you really want is sitting in your lap.” (On Work)

It got me remembering that circa 2007 as a freshman one of the top things I wanted was to earn my own money so I can shop in Zara. I wanted to buy shoes and bags and make up without thinking so much whether they were worth it or not. It’s strange that now that I work and can afford it, I don’t really want them anymore. I shop what I need and in fact: I never fall out of love with simple tote bag, cheap plain black shoes, and old t-shirts. Now, what I absolutely want is settling the neverending property loan, and maybe, 8 peaceful hours of sleep at night.

Cheers, for going 30 and uninteresting grown up wishes!

Here’s a bonus.

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