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Inktober 2015

Inktober is a challenge initiated by Jake Parker in 2009 for artists to draw daily with ink the entire October. As quoted from the Inktober page, it’s a way to improve inking skill and develop positive drawing habit. The drawing then should be posted in social media with #Inktober hashtag.

So yeah, I did it in my Instagram account, @byputy (hashtagged #inktoberbputy). Actually last month, I was doing 2 book illustration projects so each day I got reminded to work on the projects so they could be finished on time and I could post one piece or two to Instagram. Also in October at least 3 of my good friends got married, my parents celebrated their anniversary and some of my closest friends had birthday. I had countless reasons to draw something everyday and I totally enjoyed it.

Personally, I love drawing with ink as much as pretty anything; pencil, chalk, water color, or digital drawing. The best thing about ink in the form of pen or marker is the easiest drawing & doodling kit to bring. Almost all of my Inktober posts were drawn with Pilot Lettering Pen 0.2 (for Calligraphy), Staedler Luna Permanent Marker, Snowman Drawing Pen (0.3 is my favorite!), and Fine Colour Markers (Fine Color is Chinese version of Copic, and of course, much much cheaper :p).

Here they are!

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