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365 Ideas of Happiness

Alhamdulillah, this year I must say that I’m very blessed to have a lot of opportunities to do things related to drawing and illustration, including book illustration x) It started early or mid year when Mbak Baiq Nadia, editor of Bentang Pustaka offered me to do illustration for a friend’s book. Surprisingly, it turned out that Mbak Nadia was the editor who did my featured piece on GoGirl! Magazine in 2012. Isn’t life small yet warm and delightful? :)

So after the piece for my friend‘s book (I don’t want to spill it yet), I got another offer to do book illustration for Mbak Nurilla Iryani‘s work. It was all about daily dose of happiness! Without any hesitation I said yes and started working on it. The first time I read the manuscript I already loved the book because it really told you, “Happiness is simple.”

I was relieved when I knew that Mbak Nurilla liked the illustration and having Mbak Nadia as an editor, she was very very supportive and open minded. The book then became more interactive because the reader can fill it, color it, mark it along the year. I also doodled some tips the readers can try themselves.

365 days of h10

The book is in Bahasa Indonesia and can be bought in Indonesian local bookstores such as Gramedia or some online bookstores like this one or this one. You can find this book on Goodreads as well :)

ISBN: 9786021246603
Published: December 2015
Pages: 248 Halaman
Weight: 0,30 Kg
Cover: Soft Cover

In this book you will …

#1. Make something cool out of the ideas
Hei, udah bukan zamannya lagi ngedapetin sesuatu yang udah “jadi” melulu. Lebih seru kalau bisa bikin, memodifikasi sendiri, dan menikmati hasil karya kita sendiri, kan? Well, you know … makers gonna make, make, make.

#2. Color and fill
Bebaskan dirimu untuk berekspresi! The easiest example might be by not keeping this book clean. Kamu malah wajib MEWARNAI buku ini dengan warna, coretan, dan komentar pada setiap halamannya, ya!  Selain menyenangkan, aktivitas ini juga bisa menjadi terapi anti-stres sederhana, lho!

#3. Find and show yourself
Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try. Nggak ada salahnya mencoba segala sesuatu yang kamu yakini akan membawa hal baik untukmu dan orang-orang di sekitar. Luangkan waktu dan tenaga untuk nemuin “harta karun” atau bakat terpendammu. Dan, yang paling penting, kamu harus berani menunjukkannya kepada semua orang.

#4. Go somewhere
Let’s go travel, explore, love a lot, love a little, and never touch the ground!

#5. Be kind and spread happiness
Awali dengan merealisasikan ide sederhana, seperti memuji dengan tulus dan ninggalin komentar baik di blog orang lain. There’s nothing more exciting than doing something good to make people smile :).

#6. … and always remember to have fun!

365 days of h3365 days of h4


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