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Summing Up 2015, Saying Hello to 2016

First of all I’d like to say Alhamdulillah, Thanking God and all of you, family, friends, and readers for being parts of a such great year, 2015 :)

Yes, 2015 meant so much to me and might be my most productive year so far. I did a lot of stuff and accomplished a lot of missions that right now, I’m looking back, I’m wondering how I could do everything… :O So, here goes the sum up of my 2015:

  • In the office, as a geologist, I got promoted and got a chance to learn a lot on my new position in geomodelling. I started using Petrel and a bit of geophysics software. I’m really thankful that my team has been very supportive. They shared many things and could bore with my silly habits like doing yoga poses or doodling everywhere in the office :’) At the end of the year, I was happy to know that my team leader and my boss were happy with my work! :D
  • Did another solo trip: to China

  • Completed my 2015 reading challenge: 30 books. Although they were mostly easy-to-read books :p Nevertheless, some were very insightful. I got to know more about North Korea, Sufism, Orthodox Judaism, Indian diaspora, Cultural Revolution in China, etc. Oh yes, plus I got a Kindle form my husband this year! :D

  • Healthier life. Although this is a cliche and has constantly been on my resolution each year, I really did some real things in 2015:
    • Consulted to a nutritionist for healthy diet. I didn’t lose much weight but I put more fruit and raw / half raw veggies on my daily menu. No. Don’t worry, I’m not obsessed with organic stuff or pink Himalayan salt. Haha, NO. Just a bit healthier.
    • Joined yoga class again and got pro-subscription of Daily Yoga!
    • Started running. Slow but I tried to make it a routine. I started tracking my run just for personal record. I only ran about 110 miles but I’m happy with it!
    • Joined Zumba class! Glad that I tried it, because I really enjoy the moves :D
  • Less shopping and more saving. In 2015 I saved almost half of my income for an investment. I must admit that it wasn’t easy but it was… possible :’) I adapted pretty well and wanted less things.
  • Better blogging. In 2015 got more readers. It got around 75k unique visitors (+-200 per day), and about 186k views (+- 500 views per day). Thank you and thank you all :’)
  • Taking illustration more seriously. I must say that 2015 was really a year of struggling and task juggling AFTER OFFICE HOURS :’) I spent at least 1/3, 5 days a week for working in the office (mostly more). The rest, in 2015, I spent doing illustrations but I’m kinda proud of myself to do these things:
    • Did 160 projects (not all of them were commercial, I did many of them for free for good friends or good cause)
    • ‘Expanded’ the business to Brunei
    • ‘Expanded’ the business to UAE
    • @byputy Instagram followers reached 3,7 k. It might be nothing compared to other artists’ or celebs’ accounts but surely it meant a lot to me. Thank you and thank you all :’)
      best nine-
    • Started Fat Bunny, my illustrated blog and soon to be my line!
    • Made illustrations for 3 books.
      365 days of h4 The other one will be published later :)
    • Founded Milk & Kisses (although I resigned 10 days after)
    • Started a good cause: Let’s Go Reading!

A lot of good things also happened in 2015: Family trip to Turkiye, A came back from UK for good with another master degree (I’m so proud of you!), my brother followed my geoscientist path taking geophysics major, and I started watching Star Wars. A lot of friends got scholarships, got engaged, got married and got babies. There were some bad news though: oil price dropped to 30-ish USD/barrel, some of friends got laid off, and my mom in law got sick, but I’m sure that every cloud has silver linings :)

I guess that was it, Alhamdulillah and thank you again and again!

Happy New Year 2016!

The best is always yet to come.


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Puty Puar. F/28. Indonesian. Working at home mom, blogger, illustrator, book author & enthusiast. Also a small business owner. Contact her through puti [dot] karina [dot] puar [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. Hi Puty! Happy New Year!! wow, you’ve read 30 books last year! what an accomplished reader! I added you on Goodreads to have an inspiration what to read for this year ;)

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