Month: February 2016


California is a great big nation of one They never knew what they wanted till it was already gone What do they do with the light in the morning when they wake up alone? They just go home They just go home You’re the nicest, nicest boy I’ve ever met, and then I think about you, then I think about you again And again Why don’t we just sit and stare and do nothing? Nothing at all for a while I like the way you smile (She & Him)

Launching Koleksi Kedua Fat Bunny

For English version you can directly go here. Tanggal 5 Februari lalu saya akhirnya mempublikasikan koleksi kedua produk Fat Bunny. Setelah coba-coba melaunching koleksi pertama yaitu pin badge Starwars x byputy, koleksi kedua ini menggunakan karakter terdiri dari pouch kanvas multi-fungsi ukuran 20x24cm yang disertai dengan pin badges. Ada 6 tema, yaitu Wanderlust (traveling), La Vacacion (tropical holiday), Royal Darling (British Royal), Sugar (girl & sweet things), Tres Belle (make up & beauty) serta Strange Library (book). Untuk detailnya bisa langsung dicek di webstore Fat Bunny ya :) Saya terinspirasi meluncurkan produk pouch dari pengalaman sehari-sehari yang sering ‘galau’ saat jam makan siang yang sering malas membawa tas tapi butuh sesuatu untuk membawa dompet, badge, dan hand sanitizer. Pin badge sendiri merupakan wujud lain dari stiker untuk ditempel di media kain karena saya suka sekali tempel menempel stiker, hehe :p Selain pouch saya juga membuat fridge magnet alias magnet kulkas. Lagi-lagi ini datang dari pengalaman Bunda saya sendiri yang koleksi magnet kulkas. Beberapa kali saya juga datang ke house warming party (maklum, lingkaran pertemanan seusia …

Let’s Go Reading: Bukumu Duniamu (Your Book, Your World)

Last December I posted about my ‘little project’ of creating free downloadable printables for motivating people to read more. I’m so happy that some people really print them and use them :) Some tagged me on the photos. In case you want to download them, the links are on the post. So yes, as I have always believed, that a good action will attract other good ones :) One day in January, a girl from President University contacted me. She told me that she and her friends are making a campaign to gain awareness in reading books titled ‘Bukumu Duniamu’ (Your Book Your World), Gerakan 1000 Buku (1000 Books Movement). They have been collecting book donation (so glad that they give my printed bookmarks for those who donate books) since January 18 and they will make a little library in Desa Labansari, Cikarang Timur, West Java. They will also have some events including teaching, sharing session, coloring competition for children, and other activities this February. Here is the poster. I told them that I’d love …