Month: March 2016

Taking Some Rest

I haven’t been writing much for the first quarter of 2016, and not drawing much either. These days, after coming back from the office and cleaning up I straightly go to bed, read something then sleep. In fact, I’ve always been thinking about something, even scribbling them down but also always too tired to elaborate those thoughts into something reasonable. I’m totally okay and everything’s been perfect in the office and even Fat Bunny 2nd collection has been selling pretty fast. I think it’s just myself wanting to take some rest, doing less and just absorbing more from my surrounding. Currently reading & recommending:

Bon Iver Asia Tour 2016

When I knew that Bon Iver would perform in Asia including Singapore, the only seats that were left were those in the outermost circle of The Star Performing Arts Theatre. I asked A to come with me and we planned a little getaway. So we bought the tickets, the cheapest ones, because we knew it wouldn’t be wild-o-everybody-sings-along kind of concert. We thought we could even just sit and close our eyes. Fortunately, we were right (except that I didn’t really close our eyes and enjoyed the lighting). Fortunately, they were really really awesome. They played the favorites of For Emma, Forever Ago (2007) and Bon Iver, Blood Bank (2009), and Bon Iver, Bon Iver (2011). The only song I hoped they’d play but they didn’t was ‘Wisconsin’. However, they played Roslyn, even without St. Vincent. Beautiful. :’)