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When the Panama Papers leaked, I wasn’t surprised. It felt like a movie of which I was among the other billions ordinary people watching from television at home and on the other end, the villains were being defeated by a journalist protagonist, or something like that. Surely, we, ordinary people have the idea that some people are just very very rich though we don’t know how.

All my life, I’ve never been impressed by the rich for their money. Not that I hate them. Sometimes I pity them. Sometimes I ask myself, ‘Do I want to be rich?’ Well, I think I just want to have no need to think about money all the time; for getting it, for getting even more of it, for spending it, for saving it, for multiplying it, for being afraid of losing it.

And one more thing, maybe: to always be someone who comes to bookstores and can afford decent shopping. Which I already am and I’m so thankful for that.

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Puty Puar. F/27. Indonesian. Former rocker, blogger, freelance illustrator, book enthusiast, who is running little business while homemaking. Started this blog in 2002.

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