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The Big Decision

I’m a type of person who plans everything, including the unplanned. Every end of a year, I write things I want do and achieve for the following year. I turn them into plans and keep a checklist so I can review them before making a new one a year later.

For 2016, I made the shortest checklist but also the hardest.

Some of you may notice that I & my husband had been on long distance relationship-slash-marriage since 2013. In 2014, the year we got married, he got a scholarship for his second master degree. He studied in UK for a year and I decided to stay in Balikpapan. Last September, after he finished, he came back for good to Indonesia and to his job in Jakarta while I was still in Balikpapan for mine. We bought a house in Bekasi and of course we planned to make it a home; a family that stays together, hopefully with kids. The thing was: with low oil price situation, I had to choose between moving to Bekasi and my job as a petroleum geologist.

Actually, I had been thinking about it since last year. I knew that 2016 would be the year of this big decision. It was even more difficult because we planned for kids and I put “TTC after moving” on the planning list. Everything was simply about me moving. We surely didn’t expect to successfully conceive with me spending just few days at home, trapped between Friday last flight and Monday first flight.

But God knows the best. As you may know already, I got pregnant the first week of 2016 :) It’s such a great great blessing for us. So, I decided to be grateful and thankful for this priceless gift: my family. I decided to go back to Bekasi and left my job in Balikpapan after 5 years.

I decided to be home.

Here are some of my last moments in Balikpapan:


Thank you, Balikpapan :)

Cheers for the new life and I’ll write more and more about it soon!


  1. My prayer for you and your small family. Been reading your blogs for few years now Puty… :) You have made the right decision, and good things will be happening…
    no worries :)
    home is always best…

    • Thank you and thank you very much. Your support and good words and prayer mean a lot for me :D

  2. aziza says

    ka puty~ selamat yaaa, semoga semuanya lancar sampai dede nya lahir yah :D
    aku seneng banget baca postingan kaka, tapi postingan kali ini bikin aku sampe terharu, ;’)

    • Terima kasih banyak sekali doanyaaa :’) Aku juga selalu terharu dapat dukungan dari teman2 yang drop comments di blog :’)

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