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The Art of Thrifting

Alhamdulillah, I’m so glad to begin this August and being 27 with greetings and prayers from my loved ones :) Also, Tulus released his new album called ‘Monokrom’, so yes, it’s all about positive vibes!

Well, I’m letting you know that ‘The Art of Thrifting’ book by Nazura Gulfira (Ozu), featuring illustrations by myself, has been released and you can get it at Indonesian local bookstores. This non-fiction book published by Bentang Pustaka is all about thrifting (shopping vintage / secondhand articles). Although it only consists of 116 pages, but it explains thoroughly almost all the things you need to know about this pretty unique kind of shopping: from reasons why you should try it, tips and trick buying secondhand stuff, how to clean and treat them, famous people that also do thrifting to quite long list of places for hunting (from Pasar Gede Bage, Bandung to Joutiya, Essauouria, Marocco!)



All of the contents were put systematically making it an informative guide especially for those who just want to start. Also, did I tell you that this book is full color? Yes, this book is full color and has Ozu’s beautiful photographs of thrift shops, vintage stores, and flea markets from five continents! She also mentioned her favorite second hand things she ever bought.


When I was contacted by the editor, Baiq Nadia, and asked to draw illustrations for Ozu’s book about secondhand shopping, I instantly said yes. I met Ozu in the university and we were on the same film & photography club. Although we weren’t very close back then, I was always impressed by Ozu’s style, by how she dressed up: chic and modest, though it can be playful some times. Once, I thought that she never wore same thing twice, haha. I just didn’t know that she shopped second hand stuff until later I read her blog :p

So, yeah, I can guarantee that she truly masters the art of thrifting!


The Art of Thrifting

ISBN: 9786021246450
Published: July 2016
No of pages: 116
Format: paperback



As for me, this is the 4th book that features my illustrations and I’m truly grateful about it :)

You can this book online at Mizan Store or BukaBuku.

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  1. Kyaaa, aku di-mentioned di blog favoritku. senangnyaaa :3

    aku juga suka sama style-nya Puty. setiap ketemu atau ngeliat dari foto, kayanya hampir selalu ada aja barang – barangnya Puty yang lucu dan unik gitu. pertama kali nyadarnya pas kita satu kelompok bareng waktu ospek ITB dulu.. walaupun cuma beberapa hari doang, I knew there’s something unique (in a good way, of course) about Puty :’)

    semoga ada kesempatan buat bisa ketemu Puty lagi dan ngobrol banyakkk :D

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